Why Join Our Team?

If you are looking for a supportive, professional training office, you want to work at the OAG Bermuda office. 

  • Our Office is an approved training workplace for the Chartered Professional Accountants - Atlantic School of Business' Pre-Approved Program.
  • We subsidize the costs associated with obtaining your primary accounting designation.
  • We provide paid study leave for students to take courses and study and take exams.
  • Our auditors conduct both attest and value-for-money audits, so you will obtain a wide range of experience very early in your career. You will be assigned progressively more responsibility as you obtain more experience and demonstrate your ability to meet the challenge of more advanced training. The knowledge and experience gained through our on-the-job training will give you a solid foundation for your future professional development.
  • We offer competitive salaries as well as the following benefits:
    • Vacation
    • Health coverage
    • Sick leave
    • Pension

The five qualities we look for in an auditor:

Leadership – we encourage our staff to take on progressively more responsible roles as they progress.

Motivated self-starter – our candidates are expected to be strongly motivated to learn about the business of our clients without needing to be told or encouraged to do so.

Team Player – we hire candidates who are able to demonstrate solid communication skills, are friendly, reliable, and not afraid to ask tough questions.

Accountability – our candidates can be trusted to be responsible and always act professionally.

Dedication – we look for candidates who demonstrate commitment to our goal of supporting effective and efficient government decision-making.

Interested persons should submit their resumes (together with copies of professional qualifications) marked “Private & Confidential” to the Attention of the Director – Corporate Services by email at: hr@oagbermuda.bm